are you awake yet?

if you have never laid on the floor and had a dog/dogs look down at you like this, you are truly missing out on one of life's greatest joys :p my dog looks so darn cute from this angle lol

Funny pictures about Every morning until I wake up. Oh, and cool pics about Every morning until I wake up. Also, Every morning until I wake up.

baby koala.

Farewell letter from

This baby koala is the cutest thing ever.Koalas are not bears ,but Australian Marsupials.


Some safety tips to keep in mind when your pets join you in the pool! Teach Them To Swim Invest In A Pet Life Vest Take Special Care With Older Pets Know Dog CPR Fence Your Pool!


gentle wind sun kissed skin warmer weather life gets better ocean underwater sea depth blue water fresh salt waves crashing white horses force power struggle tide coast guard roar shore la Mer breaking wave sea calling mermaid

love this dog!  this just made my day


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Hipster Bunny only eats organic carrots.

Carrots are best underground. Bunny with glasses. Or a rabbit. photo taken from wesley chan (wongfuproductions)! Carrots are best underground Bunny with glasses Or a rabbit I don't know photo taken from wesley chan (wongfuproductions)!

Blue Merle Pomeranian Puppy Dogs Pom Pom

Blue Merle Pomeranian Puppy Dogs Pom Pom This looks like my turtoise shell color cat!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels~blenheim and tri-color.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - "This amazing dog breed is very affectionate, lovely, positive, easy to carry and great for small apartments. Still they need to be trained and groomed. They have been proven to be prone to heart diseases.

Baby squirrel!

- Rescued and Rehabilitated a baby squirrel. Then released to the Wildlife Rescue center :) Miss you squeekers!<-- that is not a squirrel that is a little fluffy ball of happiness and all that is good and pure in the world ^.

The cutest bookmobile.

Meet Antonio La Cava, a retired Italian teacher who travels around the country in his bibliomotocarro or librarymotorcar to get children excited about books. Book patrol: 3 wheel mobile library in rural Italy.

Aww!  I think Cricket needs a sibling!  Such a cute little squish muffin!

Mini golden-doodle, look at that face. Iwant a big dog, but a puppy forever is hard to resist