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Materials related to the heart of the Ohio University campus, the College Green, from the collections of the Mahn Center for Archives & Special Collections, Ohio University Libraries. Find more at http://media.library.ohiou.edu | @AldenLibDigital & @AldenLibrary
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Athena yearbook, 2004. Ohio University's Class Gateway is shown in the springtime. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1971. Man jumping on College Green with others standing around them. :: Ohio University Archives

May Pole dance on College Green, ca. 1990s. :: Ohio University Archives

The Ohio Alumnus, March-April 1966. "Cutler Hall Is Declared National Landmark" "Cutler Hall, symbol of Ohio University to generations of alumni, has been named a registered national historical landmark by the Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall under the provisions of the Historical SitE act of August 21, 1935." :: Ohio University Archives

People leaving Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, 1940s. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 2007. Class gateway, with College Green in the background, covered in snow. :: Ohio University Archives

Student sketching on College Green, early 1950s :: Ohio University Archives

The Ohio Alumnus, February 1932. "Many Campus Changes In Past Century: Sheep Grazing and Hitching No Longer Common Practice on Front Area." :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1914. "The Gateway" "With ardent hope the Freshmen enter here: Unknown to care, not knowing how to fear. And four years later school and lessons o'er, He passes out to enter here no more.":: Ohio University Archives

Ohio University Today, Fall 1979. "In July, the 'Ohio University Campus Green Historic District' was entered in the U.S. Deptartment of the Interior's National Register following nomination by the Ohio Historical Society." :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1953. People on College Green. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1974. College Green scenes. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1974. Man sitting under an umbrella on the wall at front of Baker Center (old), looking towards College Green. :: Ohio University Archives

Athena Yearbook, 1984. "180 Years of History." "Today, Cutler Hall and the College Green complement the natural beauty of the campus. More students have crossed this Green than any other on campus." :: Ohio University Archives.

The newly installed Rec Hall on College Green in 1948. It was meant to hold the overflow from the Student Union, which was across the street where the Schoonover Center now sits at the intersection of S. College and E. Union. :: Ohio University Archives

Trisolini House :: Ohio University Archives

Athena yearbook, 2006. "College Green" :: Ohio University Archives

Ohio University College Green aerial view, 1964 :: Ohio University Archives

World War One Barracks on College Green postcard, 1918 :: Ohio University Archives

Athena, 1940. Cutler Hall was the first building on Ohio University campus and is named for a University founder, Manasseh Cutler :: Ohio University Archives.

Bird's eye view of students streaming past Wilson Hall (Administration), 1960s mid :: Ohio University Archives

Manasseh Cutler Hall, 1800s. Reproduction of Manasseh Cutler Hall image. Manasseh Cutler Hall is the oldest building erected for higher education west of the Alleghenies and north of the Ohio River. It has served as a dormitory, classroom building, laboratory, library, and and museum over the years. In 1966, it was designated a National Historic Landmark. Currently it houses the OU president's office. :: Ohio University Archives

Ohio University Military Band on College Green postcard, ca 1932. :: Ohio University Archives

Couple studying on College Green, ca. 1960s :: Ohio University Archives

Class of 1862 alumni at the 1912 Class Gateway.Gift of the Class of 1912, the Gateway and brick path led across College Green between Manasseh Cutler Hall and East Union Street. :: Ohio University Archives