25 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning On, Or Turning Up The Heat. Save hundreds of dollars over the winter with these steps.

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173 manufacturers that will send you coupons if you email them.

Contact These 173 Manufacturers for High Value Coupons!


Making Money from your clutter. If you wanna sell it, this post gives you resources to find out how to do.

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I've been intentional over the last decade to implement a "less is more" approach to many areas of my life. For many years, we opted for less house. That meant less space, yes, but also less cleaning required, less to maintain, and less space to collect "stuff". Fewer cars meant less parking hassles, less in garage rent, and less opportunity to become a ticket magnet. This holiday was no exception.

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Skip the Paper, Buy or Print the Coupons! Extreme Couponing for Beginners - Marvy Moms

How to Get Coupons Without Buying the Paper — Marvy Moms


The Coupon Wizards is the best website to learn from!

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Skip the Paper, Buy or Print the Coupons! Extreme Couponing for Beginners - Marvy Moms

How to Get Coupons Without Buying the Paper - Marvy Moms


20 Yard Sale Tips. Getting organized is easier after clearing out what you don't use!

Yard Sale Tips | Our Humble Abode


Amazing tips for maximizing your cash and minimizing what you have to haul off!

How to rock your yard sale | Over The Big Moon


Secrets of Throwing a Money-Making Yard Sale. | Photo: Burke/Triolo Productions/Getty Images |More @This Old House.com

How to Have a Money-Making Yard Sale


11 Tips for Yard Sales and Garage Sales - Keep it simple and earn more money!! #yardsale #garagesale #money

11 Tips for a Successful and Profitable Garage Sale


How to Have a WILDLY Successful Yard Sale! I made almost $1000 at my last yard sale by following these tips and tricks for making the most from selling off uneeded and outgrown items. Check out the secrets at www.makinglemonadeblog.com! #yardsale #frugal #garagesale

Tips for a WILDLY Successful Yard Sale | Making Lemonade


Stores That Offer Teacher Discounts

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17 Awesome Money-Saving Apps--17 great apps for earning rewards, saving on (almost) everything, and organizing your finances!

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50 Tips to be Frugal

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A quick, easy and CHEAP method to get started on a stockpile of groceries for your home. No clipping coupons required!

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My BEST Couponing Tip...From A Former Coupon Queen!

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How to EXTREME COUPON & COUPON RESOURCES!! #Coupon -->http://www.debtfreespending.com/how-to-extreme-coupon/

How to Extreme Coupon - Debt Free Spending


how to get started couponing

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Couponing 101: A Beginner's Guide to All Things Coupon - How to Coupon

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How to Shop for free. Couponing for freebies at #Walmart

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Couponing for newbies...

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10 Ways to save on your utilities

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100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount. I wish I would have known about this a long time ago!!!

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List of 50+ chain restaurants where kids eat free!

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