Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats

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cookies and cream chocolates

Box of 12 - Sweet Ruby Pyramid Chocolates

  • Cassie Laura
    Cassie Laura

    These are made by Melbourne chocolatiere Nectar and Stone

Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa of Kuroiwa Patisserie

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  • Becky Martinez
    Becky Martinez

    Katie Beckman !

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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  • Megan Pippin
    Megan Pippin

    Stop Nikki Jensen ahhhhh djghlsdjkg ♥

  • Brie Sierra
    Brie Sierra

    Francey Grund let's make these!

  • Martha Hightower Clements
    Martha Hightower Clements


  • Betsy Coon
    Betsy Coon

    Abby Coon for Tyler!

Garden Creamery’s strawberry-pretzel

10 Delicious Popsicles You’ll Melt For

  • LEIF

    oh my god ♥

green tea soft serve!

the path to green tea... - Oh Joy!

  • Janke Lucas
    Janke Lucas

    Emma Ford , your next project please!

  • Jessica Schwendimann
    Jessica Schwendimann

    Renee Schwendimann Uggggh I need this!

  • Courtney Mahan
    Courtney Mahan

    Ha! I would be willing to try it!

  • Mejuri Jewelry
    Mejuri Jewelry

    Oh that looks so yummy

glitter cupcakes!!

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Pretty Stuff

  • Maria Grube
    Maria Grube


  • Stina Roy
    Stina Roy

    Jeg tænker nytår :-)!!

  • Maria Grube
    Maria Grube

    Du slår dig bare løs :-)

marzipan candy from paris

currently snacking on... - Oh Joy!

  • Da Dou
    Da Dou

    Hi Joy! We call this candies "Calisson", the original is from Aix en Provence and made with almonds and candied cantaloupe. ♥ your blog ;)

  • danielle brittany
    danielle brittany

    I've never seen candy like that - looks very smooth, love the colors

  • Brandy Scott
    Brandy Scott

    oh Calisson! I had this is Aix when I lived there. I went to the factory where they make it too!

strawberry petit beurre

Strawberry filled petit beurre

  • Illana de Jager
    Illana de Jager

    love OH JOY!!!! LOVE MIFFY!

  • Anne-France Gheerbrant
    Anne-France Gheerbrant

    Tellement mignon ! So cute!

Witch Finger grapes | photo by Oh Joy

currently snacking on... - Oh Joy!


Pantone Macarons

Raspberries and Cream Macarons (and a giveaway!)

  • Marlene Nemeth
    Marlene Nemeth

    Vera Miguelo OMG...two of my favourite things!

  • Alana Andrews
    Alana Andrews

    Joy Cho / Oh Joy! oh I love all your pins! Would love if you could be a contributor to my board Foodies Delight. Cant wait to hear from you :)

Cako Creamery's Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwich

The 10 BEST Ice-Cream Sandwiches In The Bay!

  • Em Dearing
    Em Dearing

    Tess Burton

  • Rachel Burns
    Rachel Burns

    I tried out cako today while we were in SF! Thanks for posting this or I would never know to try! ♡

Thank you cookies

Enchanted Dream Weddings

  • OzealGlasses


  • DressVe


face cookies

山フーズ : 色白のひと/色黒のひと/ひげのひと

  • Lidia Cornelio
    Lidia Cornelio

    This will b great for a feeling identification social skills.

  • Alba Botanica
    Alba Botanica

    Too cute!

  • Daisy Tempest
    Daisy Tempest

    Emma Jones

animal donuts

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  • "E"

    Aw!!! So cute!

  • Mari Tuttle
    Mari Tuttle


Joia natural soda

currently snacking on... - Oh Joy!

  • Lisa Locklin
    Lisa Locklin

    These sodas are so yummy!

  • Shannon Medina
    Shannon Medina

    These are the best!

  • Joia All Natural Soda
    Joia All Natural Soda

    Glad you guys like them! Thanks for being fans :)

Color dipped marshmallows

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  • Lorie


  • Katherine A
    Katherine A

    this is really fun!

  • Joani Schofield
    Joani Schofield

    These make me want to have people over to make smores!


Playing With Food: May Meringues

  • hiddenboston

    I know people who don't like these because they're a part of the "squeaky" food group, but I'm not one of them. Yes please!

  • Raquel Riera
    Raquel Riera

    What is the "squeaky" food group

  • Dayna Marks
    Dayna Marks

    I'm curious as to what that is as well

  • Jasmine IsSilly
    Jasmine IsSilly

    Hmm what on earth is squeaky food? If I had to guess, I'd say it might be referring to the sound they make when you eat them. I wouldn't exactly call it a aqueaky sound but meringues definitely make a specific sound when you crunch them.. maybe some people find it irritating like nails on a chalkboard? I thought squeaky food might refer to the fact that some images of food are so stylized and perfect that they're 'squeaky clean' and look too perfect to be real. But I think my first idea is probably more correct than this one.

An Ice Cream Date. Photo by Max Wanger. Banana Republic Magazine February 2013 Issue

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  • Lorie

    I am so ready for it to be summer!!

cheddar cheese + carmel popcorn together is insanely delicious!

currently snacking on... - Oh Joy!


Chocolate coffee ice cream sandwiches

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  • Shari Paul
    Shari Paul

    Ok this looks soooo good!

  • Mariah Jane's Loft
    Mariah Jane's Loft

    Oh Yummmmmmy! Thank you for sharing.

Peach, Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini.

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  • Shari Paul
    Shari Paul

    This sounds sooo god!

  • Laura Giocomo
    Laura Giocomo

    I make this often in the late summer with Colorado peaches and let me tell you - it is such a crowd pleaser!

Bread for Breakfast by ohhhmhh.de: Great with chocolate sprinkles too!

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  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith

    we call it fairy bread and serve it at little kids birthday parties

  • Robbie B
    Robbie B

    Classic Aussie kid part food - fairy bread

desserts / Banana Split Pie Recipe - Get more Dessert Recipes at WomansDay.com

Banana Split Pie

  • Denise McKinnie
    Denise McKinnie

    Michelle McKinnie - YUM!

S'mores & ice cream cake

S'mores Ice Cream Cake | How Sweet It Is

  • Jenn Grigoryev
    Jenn Grigoryev

    shut. up.

all shades of green

Žaluma ir pyragais kvepiantis gimtadienis | DU ABU

  • JoyofKosher.Com (Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller)
    JoyofKosher.Com (Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller)

    I like this for earth day.

  • Sweetbriar

    It's Pinterest. They're all pretty pictures. But it makes me want to make one like it. It's cake, how much of a recipe do you need?

  • Vilma Vaiciule
    Vilma Vaiciule

    You can find a recipe of this cake by following this link http://www.duabu.com/2012/0... Copy/paste body text to http://translate.google.com/ and translate to the language you speak. Enjoy!

  • Sweetbriar

    Thank you, Vilma. It is now in my recipe book as Lithuanian Mint Lime Layer Cake. I look forward to giving it a try sometime this summer!

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