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Great fashion tips It's almost impossible to go wrong with these basics.If you are struggling to build a perfect wardrobe, go check out our guide. It'll help A LOT. Link in Bio.

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If you are anything like me and love wearing casuals more than wearings suits or dress shirt, then I PROMISE you are going to love all the casual outfits I've c

パリパリご飯に魚介のうまみが凝縮!本場パエリアを自宅で再現レシピ - macaroni

パリパリご飯に魚介のうまみが凝縮!本場パエリアを自宅で再現レシピ - macaroni

Genko-an Temple - Kyoto,Japan | Summer/Fall/Winter

Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter This is great, I've always wanted to do a picture series of the seasons outside a single window.