OHorizons = Clean Water
OHorizons = Clean Water
OHorizons = Clean Water

OHorizons = Clean Water

We solve persistent challenges across the Four Horizons of Life: Water, Agriculture, Energy & Economic Development. Our solutions are Low-Tech & High-Thinking.

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Kids in Mali play around a well. This community is now using our Wood Mold for BioSand Filters! #CleanWaterWednesday

We love #LowTech, solutions, such as these 400yr old #water canals and rain catching methods in #India! Anupam Mishra talks about the marvels of water #engineering from centuries ago! #TEDTalks https://video.buffer.com/v/5616bf942d93ff4f595f8e25

Today is #UNDay “Let us reaffirm our commitment to empowering the marginalized and vulnerable.” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. We are focused on UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, #CleanWater for All!

Today's #tbt is of of when we de-molded a concrete BioSand Filter in #Bangladesh! Visit our website, to learn more about our #SafeWater filters!

Women and children line up to fill their water vases at this community pond sand filter in Bangladesh. #CleanWaterWednesday

There is immense power in creating practical, localized, human-centered design solutions for complex issues! One of our #GidingLight 's Amy Smith, an mechanical engineer and professor at #MIT, lays out her low-tech innovation for #Energy in this #TEDTalk. #WhatsYourHorizon https://video.buffer.com/v/5616c4702d93ff95655f8e29

Karla stands behind the Agriculture horizon for our #WhatsYourHorizon campaign! To defeat world hunger, we need sustainable agricultural practices!

Economic Development is another one of our horizons! Creating a local job market helps provide stability within a community! #whatsyourhorizon

As part of our #WhatsYourHorizon campaign, participants were asked to pose with their favourite horizon! Amanda demonstrated her support for water while posing for this picture.