Beach Days

This Tropical Beach Wallpaper will keep you feeling relaxed even when you can't make it to the beach or a Tropical Smoothie Cafe!


Over 30 Columbia SC and Lexington SC places for Happy Hour made our list! We list locations, phone numbers, hours, and prices for Happy Hour in Columbia SC


Spalding NBA Official Game Indoor Leather Basketball, Play with the same ball the Pros use! The Spalding Official NBA Indoor Leather Mens Game Basketball is the same full grain leather ball used in NBA games. Used for indoor play only.

Star Gazing

Stargazing with Telescopes

Star Tracker Lite - Best StarGazing app to Explore the Universe by Shen Ji Pan


Despite having one of the worst failure rates of any piece of electronic hardware EVER when it first released, this is still my favorite game console.

Miami Heat!

Best moment in SoFla sports since the 1985 Bears vs Dolphins MNF game