Daniella Magalhães

Daniella Magalhães

Brasil / Advertising, runner, travelever and learn how to cook better <3
Daniella Magalhães
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A ying and yang tat for Alani and Kai. A simple yet beautiful looking Yin Yang tattoo. The elements are separated and on one side the mountains and land are depicted while the other half is filled with water and aquatic life forms.

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I never know why but the word 'brave' is so powerful to me. It just makes me think of soldiers, and when you're in a battle with your own mind, you need to be a

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Words to live by .Surround yourself with people who bring out positive, uplifting and are encourage you to strive to reach goals that you may have set for yourself or your family. vibes,Good times and always tons of laughter . to feed the soul