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Pikk Jalg

Pikk Street is the longest and one of the most beautiful street of Tallinn (Estonia). Photo by Filippo Bianchi

Catedral de Alexander Nevski localizada en Esstonia, construida muy a finales del XIX Catedral de Alexander Nevski (Tallinn, Estonia): Ubicada en el centro histórico de la capital Estonia

Places in Estonia. " *This post is about Tallinn- the capital city of Estonia. I named the post “Estonia” because I figured that most people would recognize the country name better than the city name 'Tallinn.

Nami en la Cantina de la Ciudadela!

Clearly I need to eat here - Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant, Tallinn, Estonia. Beautifully well done and authentic and though it's touristy it is far from naff. Food, mead, honey wine all fantastic. An amazing meal out.

Megáfonos de madera de gran tamaño en Estonia amplifican los sonidos del bosque

Gigantic wooden megaphones amplify the sounds of the forest in Estonia

Kolonihavehus by Tom Fruin  made out if thousands of found plexiglass pieces and steel. Current show in LA at the Paul Loya gallery.

Tom Fruin: Works Imagine the play of light and color inside this stained glass dream of a house!