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The Zung Depression Scale has been proven to be adequate in determining the severity of Daily Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, How To Treat Anxiety, Stress And Anxiety, Nurse Teaching, Anxiety Disorder Treatment, Anxiety Attacks Symptoms, Psychiatry, Healthy Life

Online Depression Test [ZUNG DEPRESSION SCALE]

The Zung Depression Scale is provided as a self-administered online depression test. There are 20 multiple choice questions.

Soda Responsible For Childhood Obesity? Is Soda Responsible For Childhood Obesity? Replace that one can of soda with water and add active physical play to help boost you child's health and prevent obesity!Is Soda Responsible For Childhood Obesity? Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Health Fitness, Health Benefits, Arbonne Nutrition, Water Benefits, Kids Nutrition, Health Products

This is what happens when you drink soda

It's no news flash that soda is bad for you. Even those who indulge in a can-a-day habit can rattle off at least a few negatives. But when it comes to the long-term, total-body effects of drinking soda, the picture is downright scary.

Ya, I almost never use shampoo because I have dry hair. It doesn't make your hair grow faster, that's just silly---I did this for 8 months last year when I had super long hair. It makes your hair grow so fast. About an inch or two every month Beauty Secrets, Beauty Hacks, Natural Hair Styles, Long Hair Styles, Natural Beauty, Tips Belleza, Belleza Natural, Health And Beauty Tips, Grow Hair

Never Shampoo Again! How to Wash Your Hair Using the No Poo Method | Code Red Hat

What is the No Poo Method & How to Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo Successfully. No Poo Recipes, Tips on Going No Poo & Having Beautiful No Poo Hair.

Looking for a chakra chart? With Deborah’s CHAKRA WISDOM Chart, you can determine the state of your chakras, then clear, balance and charge them. Chakra Chart, Trust Yourself, Resolutions, Online Courses, Healing, Wisdom, Goals, Natural, Therapy

FREE Chakra Chart | Online Courses

Looking for a chakra chart? With Deborah’s CHAKRA WISDOM Chart, you can determine the state of your chakras, then clear, balance and charge them.

Find the best acupressure points for stuffy nose. Treat your runny/stuffy nose with these sinus pressure points for nasal congestion. Acupuncture Points, Acupressure Points, Acupressure Therapy, Facial Pressure Points, Remedies For Tooth Ache, Sinus Problems, Anxiety Problems, Acupressure Treatment, Tooth Pain -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspfaceliftaunaturel Resources and Information.

Press on Acupressure point St3 ("Facial Beauty Point") to relax facial muscles and relieve stuffy nose, nasal congestion, sinus problems, tooth pain, eye ache, eye irritation, swelling around the eyes and general facial congestion.

Acne Face Map - Face Mapping Acne, What Your Acne Telling You? Acne face map for face mapping acne. What your acne telling you. Acne face map right check. acne face map meaning. Beauty Secrets, Diy Beauty, Beauty Makeup, Beauty Hacks, Fashion Beauty, Beauty Solutions, Acne Solutions, Gesicht Mapping, Do It Yourself Fashion

What is your acne telling you? | The Beauty Gypsy

I always knew that the once-monthly spots that overtook my chin were the result of not-so-stable hormones. However, when my dermatologist took one look at the sudden outcrop of angry zits on my nose and asked me to get my

Is this the end of diet soda? Study links Aspartame to Major Problems. "Aspartame–the main sweetener for diet soda–is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues. Coca Cola, Weight Gain, How To Lose Weight Fast, Weight Loss, Reduce Weight, Loosing Weight, Dr Diet, Get Healthy, Healthy Eating

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Diet soda is easily one of the biggest health scams preying on well-meaning dieters looking for a sweet calorie-free beverage. Nearly 927 million cases of Diet Cola, and another 892 million cases of other diet beverages were sold in 2010. If you bought one or more of those millions, please realize you could seriously be harming your health.

How to treat acne in 4 days with the help of banana peels? pin now, read later. How to treat acne in 4 days with the help of banana peels? Beauty And More, Health And Beauty Tips, All Things Beauty, Beauty Care, Diy Beauty, Beauty Hacks, Face Beauty, Just In Case, Just For You

How to Treat Acne in 4 Days With the Help of Banana Peels

Do you remember my rave about using banana skin to heal acne? My teenage daughter recently came to the same feelings as well. Now we are like banana hunters at home and don't let anyone throw away peels without us approving. What makes his my favorite method for fighting acne? The fact that the natural ingredients in the banana peels not only heal the acne in no time but also clear the blemish and leave absolutely no sign whatsoever. Read the original recipe here. To make my point clear, I…

Tricks of the trade - Top online gurus share their best secrets to getting great hair, glowing skin and magnificent makeup The Beauty Department, Gel Manicure At Home, Manicure Y Pedicure, Diy Nails, Mani Pedi, Remove Gel Polish, Gel Nail Polish, Nail Polishes, Bubbles In Nail Polish

Toxic Nails, Toxic Body. Although I don't agree with everything in this post, there are some great suggestions for non-toxic nail polish.

If you have symptoms like fatigue skin issues weight gain weight around the middle trouble sleeping always sleeping PMS endometriosis infertility PCOS or other issues chances are you have hormone imbalance! This is extremely good info- love Wellness Mama Wellness Mama, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Health Zone, Women's Health, Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Period Remedies

How to Balance Hormones Naturally | Wellness Mama

Working to balance hormones can make a big difference in weight, sleep and fertility issues. These natural remedies, recipes and supplements can help.