Oxana Kashirskaya

Oxana Kashirskaya

Oxana Kashirskaya
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Soooo true lol

I was going to do that but then you told me to. Unless you told me to do it so I won't. Then I will.

blunt-cards. Hilarious.

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"Be Good To Your Goblins!" ( vintage halloween / retro halloween / trick or treat / witch / bunny / butterfinger / baby ruth ) candy advertisement / ad / goblins

I like this waaaay better that that "keep calm" about everything shit

From 1941 a Pin Up of David Wright's favourite model published throughout the in the Sketch Magazine

Do you know what I'm thinking? ... Neither do I. Scary, isn't it?

Darling, You really don't need to drive me crazy.I'm close enough to walk.


The world will be a better place if you kick an asshole in the face ! Might improve her piggy face!