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I Admire....

These people cover the spectrum of mankind. I admire each of them for one reason or another.

I Admire....

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Awesome Tuskegee Commencement Address And

Platon's Portraits | PBS NewsHour | Jan. 5, 2011

Michelle Obama | The Most Powerful Women in the World, 2014

Clara Barton:1821-1912) - Civil War nurse, founder of the American Red Cross. Barton refused to take a salary from the government's treasury & dedicated herself aiding soldiers on the front.  Never had women been allowed in hospitals, camps or battlefields;  initially, military & civil officials refused her help.  Eventually, she gained their trust & began receiving supplies from all over the country.  As a result of her untiring work, she became known as the "Angel of the Battlefield."

Lakewood Public Library (Lakewood, Ohio)

Michelle Rhee Johnson and Kevin Johnson. First couple of Sacramento. Education activists.

Susan Rice - USA - 2013: Susan E. Rice worked with President Clinton as part of the National Security Council and oversaw African affairs, later working at the Brookings Institution. In 2009, she joined President Obama's Cabinet, receiving Senate confirmation to be U.N. ambassador. In 2013, she was appointed national security adviser by Obama.

Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile

Jim O'Connor. A man of service.

Calif. students learn a secret about their tough teacher

Strict math teacher’s secret identity… as a baby cuddler (Photo courtesy Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

Strict math teacher's secret identity... as a baby cuddler

Ted Turner's 11 Voluntary Initiatives. Amazing.

Ted Turner’s 11 Voluntary Initiatives -

John Lewis, a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee who had planned to call the civil rights bill "too little, too late" at the 1963 March on Washington, shown on April 16, 1964. Photo by Marion S. Trikosko, U.S. News and World Report.

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN LEWIS, D-Ga., describes the events of "BLOODY SUNDAY" during a visit to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Selma, Alabama, Sunday, March 7, 2010. | “I gave a little blood on that bridge in Selma, Alabama for the Right to Vote,” he said, referring to the 1965 assault by Alabama state troopers on peaceful marchers, leaving Lewis with a cracked skull and scars visible to this day. “I am not going to stand by and let the Supreme Court take the right to Vote away from us.” -

Tanishq Abraham - 11 year old genius.

Thanks for your service, soldier...

Kayla Jean Mueller, a 26-year-old American woman held by Islamic State militants, has been confirmed dead, her parents and the Obama administration said Tuesday Feb. 10, 2015. Authenticated by the U.S. intelligence community. It was not immediately clear how and when Mueller died. ~~. "Kayla was a compassionate and devoted humanitarian. She dedicated the whole of her young life to helping those in need of freedom, justice, and peace."

I'm not a religious person, but this guy seems like he's got his head screwed on straight.

Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

I swear she is like the sweetest person on this earth! Watching all those Swifties receive those packages made me so happy!

10/11 --Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Yemeni activist, Tawakkul Karman. She is the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Prize. She founded "Women Jounalist Without Chains" and has played a leading part in the struggle for women's rights and for democracy in Yemen.

Ellen Degeneres says...

Ellen Degeneres says...

Beatrix Potter...sure, she created those priceless books, but with the money they earned she bought huge tracts of land and entire villages to preserve their history! The National Trust is forever indebted to her!!

Beatrix Potter

The life of Beatrix Potter - Peter Rabbit

Brian Williams Wins Best Election Night Ratings, Best Election Night Diss | Vanity Fair

Proud of her. ~ Sonia Sotomayor | Higher Calling | "I strive never to forget the real world consequences of my decisions on individuals, businesses and government."