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Cleaning old glass bottles - pinning this because I went to an antique store today and fell in love with old bottles. Decorating with them someday but need to know how to clean them! :)

concrete hosta leaf pattern

close up of mosiac window using colored broken glass and adhered using a silicone base clear gel. This particular adhesive is waterproof, so can hang it outside in garden.

These RITZ Deep Fried Pickles are a great and easy appetizer to serve for a graduation party. Replace traditional breadcrumbs with crumbled RITZ crackers to add a buttery taste and crunchy texture! Mix mayonnaise and horseradish for a side of savory dipping sauce. Yum! You can also dip in your favorite barbecue sauce for a smoky flavor. Life's Rich.

"Cinnabon homemade coffee creamer." This recipe is groundbreaking. You'll never guess the secret ingredient for that "cinnabon" taste? Oh wait, yes you will. It's cinnamon and a metric ton of sugar. This is some Sandra Lee *&%^.

I want....!! (cello-jewelry)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza Casserole. Not on the Weight Watcher recommended casserole list!

Sweet Little Bluebird: Creamy Chicken Bake

this recipe is so good! I didn't know how easy it was to make amazing #french #bread at home. great step-by-step photos of the process included.

how to make concrete leaf castings - technique from Little & Lewis

Strawberry Crunch Bars Recipe :: DELICIOUS dessert

I cannot believe how easy This is and how much I've seen these sold for at craft shows! This is my new favorite b-day gift for friends. :) ... oh these are pretty cool

How to grow moss to accent your garden | Gardening tips | clumps of moss in blender with buttermilk

curved hypertufa hands: Well, these are a funny little project - hypertufa hands made from (what else?) surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix. I tried

Concrete Leaf Bench

The Making of a Mosaic Bird Bath GOOD TUTORIAL


I would love to try this for making hands to use in the garden. I would shape them into a curve for either planters or bird baths.

These are easy to make.....get the round concrete forms used for foundations {they're cardboard like cylinders found in Home Depot etc. and come in different diameters} Sink this form in ground enough to ensure the 'stem' will not topple, fill w/ cement. Create 'top' by useing concrete and anything that mimics the shape of a mushrm. top. Adhere together using 'block adhesive'. Birbath top is just as easy, create well in a box with sand, trowel/ pour cement into 'form' let cure, adhere to stem.

What a neat bird bath! will look good hanging in a tree where I have my fairy garden. I' going to make more than one.