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Abelardo Morrell's camera obscura: The Eiffel Tower in the Hotel Frantour, 1999

Available for sale from Beetles + Huxley, Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura: The Eiffel Tower in the Hotel Frantour Archival Pigment Print, 40 × 32 i…

"Camera obscura", by Abelardo Morell

Photographer Transforms Ordinary Rooms into Camera Obscuras by Patricia Ramos, Exposure Guide, (Photo by featured photographer- Abelardo Morell)

#Saul Leiter #photographe Quand le noir devient pouvoir de mise en scène ...

This pocket-sized book of photographs, published by Fifty One Fine Art Photography to accompany its Saul Leiter exhibition (on display through July is the perfect summer companion.

Saul Leiter …

Reminded me of Draco Malfoy Looks like he is on the Muggle train to. (It's originally Saul Leiter Kutztown 1948 photographe célèbre)

Discover Gregory Crewdson’s New Surreal Photographs http://time.com/4166380/discover-gregory-crewdsons-new-surreal-photographs/

Discover Gregory Crewdson's New Surreal Photographs