Olga Kuligina

Olga Kuligina

Осень-в_Городе//Маленький Принц в фиолетовом на зелено-оранжевой Планете//Лето_на_Твоем_Пути
Olga Kuligina
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The golden ratio should not need any introduction to those who have studied math and design in school. Some designers apply these mathematical concepts to come up with more visually appealing works. This infographic from companyfolders.com covers a few golden ratio facts:

Theory: Give three points about what the golden ratio is. Give three examples where the golden ratio shows up in nature. Give three examples of where you could use the golden ratio in your own illustrations and design.


Adobe InDesign is a powerful software for desktop publishing. Just like many Adobe products, it does take some time getting used to. This Adobe InDesign cheat sheet by 99 Designs shows you how to get started with its shortcuts:

psychology of color

When designing a new logo, website, or collection of branding images, it's a good idea to consult a color psychology infographic. Different colors naturally

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I hope to complete a novel someday, these tips should help me get my plot and character arcs together

Practical - Clean PowerPoint Presentation - Creative PowerPoint Templates

Buy Practical - Clean PowerPoint Presentation by on GraphicRiver. General Description Screen Size Free Font Used 76 unique slides Creative Slides Business Slides Easy Customize .

1. Always in my heart  |  2. Sweet September  | 3. Queen Creek  | 4. July kissed  | 5. Stellia  ...

Always in my heart Sweet September Queen Creek July kissed Stellia Densia Elsie Sitimerry Jamie Woods Bromello Some of the fonts in this post are free and some for a great price. This post includes.