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「簡単な頭のうしろの描き方」/「犬牙あなほる」のイラスト [pixiv]

Kind of cheap, but clever. I can draw that angle the correct way without this <<< um, no. It really helped me until I was able to draw them the "correct" way.

【メリークリスマス♪ツリーサラダ】 クリスマス感のある配色は赤・緑・黄色! 茹でたブロッコリーをツリーに見立てて、人参・チーズ・トマトを添えるだけで簡単に楽しいサラダのできあがりです。

[Merry Christmas ♪ tree salad] Christmas with a sense of color scheme is red, green and yellow! To resemble a boiled broccoli in the tree, it is completion of easy fun salad just add the carrots, cheese, tomatoes.

Wisteria lined avenue. Note: Not willows.

Wisterias European families have had these immortal vines grow for centuries on their properties. [Actually, the first American Wisteria came in 1724 and then apparently in 1819 the first W.- des Chevaux] - My Garden Muse