Anna de Oliveira

Anna de Oliveira

Brazil / I love colored hair, piercings, thirty seconds to mars, dexter, draw, romance, love, games, bands, indie, animals, vlogs, scenes, etc.
Anna de Oliveira
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braid hairstyle  - Hair Ideas

i love doing the 5 strand braid though this is a french braid. it's not that complicated but i would suggest mastering a 4 strand braid uper and under and under and upper method it'll help alot

Bird's eye

The yellow around the eyes of Hyacinth Macaws are part of what makes these guys so unique! They are also very rare parrots, and the largest of the flighted parrot.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars Jared Leto Shannon Leto Tomo Miličević

30stm songs

Come break me down! Bury me, bury me! Love all the songs from but The Kill remains the most exciting!