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Animal Friendships


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Nothing lasts fur ever.


Who? Me? Nervous? Why would I be nervous? Do I look nervous? Why do you ask? No way am I nervous. I'm calm as can be. Like a cat in a hat. Or rat in a box. With a snake. Coooooowelll. Say, um, why is that eye staring at me like that?

This whole slouch with a pouch thing won't last, I'm telling you. You can't play Mr. 'I'm young and adorable and the rules don't apply to me cuz I'm sleepy and I just sleep' forever you know.


Remember the first time we curled tails? I was so nervous I was purring like a kitten.

Now when did she say she was gonna be back again? It's gotta be going on 5 minutes here pretty soon...

Paralysis by Analysis

carpe dogem

pig in a blanket? OK. hog the sheet? NOT OK

Tiger Spoons, Ferret Swoons

  • Amanda Mary
    Amanda Mary

    that's totally a meercat not a ferret...

  • Liz Stabbert
    Liz Stabbert

    and also a lion lol

  • Oliver Wright
    Oliver Wright

    what's a meercat?

  • Oliver Wright
    Oliver Wright

    kinda like a Ligar I'll bet

  • Heidi Robinson
    Heidi Robinson

    My Mom never let me take my food to bed or play with it. Parent these days!


Dogs Tear Hearts

Hold me.

Food Chain.

Don't worry, I got your back.

I ain't lion pig, it's me or the bow.

OK, you got me.

What and Who are you again?

Umm, no. Do I look like the sleigh pulling type?

I'm just not cut out for this.

Ummm, this just isn't working out.

Stop fawning over me. I ain't no saint you know.

Don't Go...

Sittin' Kitten: Horse To Make Hay?