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Olivia Dellorso

Olivia Dellorso
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Frodo vs  Harry Potter vs  Luke Skywalker vs  Edward

Usually I don't like it when they give Twilight such a hard time but this is amusing. I can hear it in Gandalf's voice. From the movies for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, and Twilight Saga "Listen boys…"

You get your butt up there and jump on it. I don't care how freaking dangerous it is, it looks insanely fun.

There is a trampoline in a tree. If they had a pool right below the tree, they could some of the most awesome dives ever

How'd they know!!!! I've done ALL of these!!!!!

I did these<< number 1 I still do. number 2 I did all the time.number 3 I did. number 4 still do. number 5 I still do. that's me!<< I still do number and 5