Holland and Barrett present a 90-day schedule to make sure you remain at your beautiful best in a completely healthy way—all in a wonderful infographic.

A 90 Days Guide To Look Healthy And Glam

Creating a perfect beauty routine is not easy. Luckily, help is on its way. In this helpful infographic from Holland and Barrett, you will discover everything you need to know to create your own 90 day beauty guide.

Yum and Run. A handy list of Gluten Free food and food you need to avoid.

I Tried It: Gluten-free and Vegan for a Week

Gluten free shopping list - excellent if you or your babyloves has a gluten allergy or just want to avoid excess gluten/wheat in your diet (which I currently do, as a soon-to-be-RD).

Dulce de Leche Vanilla Cake... Course: Dessert... Servings: 12... Prep. time: 20 min... Cook time: 30 min...

Moist Vanilla Cake Layered with Dulce de Leche. Frosted with Vanilla Butter Cream & drenched with more Dulce de Leche-DELICIOUS!