A Sharpie and alcohol art project on canvas with incredible results!
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Buy a mirror. Put letter stickers on it. Paint over the whole thing. Peel off stickers. - Genius...Perfect for wood or canvas...major time saver!

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Take something you really love: a letter, envelope, photograph, a ticket stub... anything - to a printing place like Kinkos and have them blow it up for you to hang as art. An old recipe from Grandma would be great for the kitchen! Love this idea!

An Kety Pet Supplies. Kyz Kuv Nylon Knot Cord Beading Macrame Braided Thread String Rope - Green. New and high quality, soft, bright and sleek. Great for crafts,corsages, bracelets, ornaments,etc. Materal: Nylon Color: Purplish red, Green, Coffee, Yello

Glow in the Dark Jars (for children, or adults, afraid of zombies... just saying it could be useful)

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