Channing Tatum Magic Mike

Fifty Shades Of Hot on

Channing Tatum Magic Mike - The movie was dumb, but he was nice to look at :)

one of the best characters ever

Last-Minute Costumes From Your Closet

Beard and Tattoos

Male long hair style is very diverse depending on the model you want to obtain. Both straight hair and curly ways to make it very easy. If you want a neat piece just use hair oil or pomade, but if …

Leonardo DiCaprio in Rolling Stone.... Oh yeah !!!

Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Rolling Stone': Shirtless & Talking Women (PHOTO)

Leonardo DiCaprio is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine ’s August 2010 issue. Di caprio goes shirtless on the said issue and talks abo.

coelasquid: Pakistani model Abbas Jaffrey

coelasquid: “ crushalltheraspberries: “ Pakistani model Abbas Jaffrey ” Yes perfect ”