Cute white bathroom.

Terri Shannon's bathroom, featuring a freestanding tub and patterned floor tiles from Jatana Interiors . Simple and elegant.

Rainbow wall

This Subtle Rainbow Brick Wall is a Great way to Perk Up the Outdoor Living Space ! Just Imagine how lovely it would be to look out to color on a crisp winter day !

chalkboard wall for craft room

specifics & a mini-tutorial


The architecture around lesund, Norway. The whole thing bourned down in and was built up from the ground. All in the same style. But you can see thet the church was built of stone, so it stood of the fire, and reflect another epoke. It's kind of amazing.


Workspace // Reminds me of my tiny studio space in art school. Having a window like that was delightful.

toy storage.

Embrace Your Child's Dreams — Dos Family

Printer's tray / type tray / letterpress drawer for display of Lego minifigs or Schleich animals collection.

Garden nest hideaway

BBC Boracay says: " This weaver's nest is not only for bird watcher - It's a romantic hideaway in your secret garden." I say it is a great place for the kids.