Cute #crochet top!


Crochet top beautiful

Outstanding Crochet: Halter Top from Eternal Sunshine. - Solid front, crochet detail back.

Crochet - just 4 big grannies!!!

Not in English but lots of inspiration. 4 giant granny squares partially joined on their sides, 4 strings to attach on the shoulders and there you have the perfect beach top!

Crochet Cami top. #cami #top #crochet

I have this, love it~ Mystree Crochet Cami Sweater crochet/tricot just…

Great summer crochet inspiration and so easy!!!  You make 4 granny squares and join them corner to corner! Then you make rows of the granny stitch until you reach the desired length! Finally you make your straps by joining the top corners and voilà!!!

crocheted top - no tutorial so make 4 granny squares, join them corner to corner - crochet rows of the granny stitch until the desired length is reached - make straps by joining the top corners


White Crochet lace top with very full, wide hip-length hem draping in many graceful folds; intended for very loose fit ~~ Blusa blanca amplia - Todo para Crear . : blusas y remeras en crochet


chart - scroll downward for info

crochet 4 me

This looks so easy to make. I've never made clothing before, but I think I'll…

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