DIY painted feathers

DIY painted feathers for boho wedding decor - cool idea

Best idea if you go on a trip…

How To Make A Postcard Book To Save Your Vacation Memories family kids travel memories vacation parents diy ideas traveling parenting postcards diy ideas vacation ideas postcard families good to know

...then you put it in the bucket when you've completed it! love it!

Made originally with an antique frame, chicken wire, and clothes pins! Paint frame and clothes pins in team colours use clothes pins to clip the bows to the wire!

Hand Painted Wine bottle Vase

Hand Painted Wine bottle Vase, Up Cycled, Turquoise and Coral Orange, Vibrant Henna style design

MORE wine bottle ideas! Top 10 Fun Craft Ideas…would be pretty fun to make and I know ppl that can give me the wine bottles lol MORE wine bottle ideas!

Really big DIY wall art using styrofoam and fabric. Also on the page is a tutorial to make your own painting using styrofoam, canvas drop cloth and random paint. Love the idea after we've painted a few rooms, to use the different colors to create a gigantic painting that ties the rooms together.

Simple, Thrifty DIY Art

How to make fabric wall hangings. Looks like fabric covered canvas. The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Simple, Thrifty DIY Art

Adding glitter to your #wedding decorations adds a touch of glamour. Easy to create DIY wedding ideas

Adding glitter to your wedding decorations adds a touch of glamour. Easy to create DIY wedding idea!

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Gift : Great Neighbor's Christmas Gift Idea - Wrap Pringle cans and use them as cookie containers to give as gifts

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas Another fruit craft here! Take a look at these DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas! The weather can be a bit unpredictable - even in the summer, and therefore umbrellas are a necessity all year round despite the…

Floral DIY Letter {love this}

DIY: fabric covered letter I am doing this exact print with a J- for Jaylie Rose

Smooth stones  a little paint

Pebble painting with a thin-tip brush and whiteout or white paint.

project life. sew a bonus pocket. :)

project life /// "cut a pocket from a baseball card sleeve and sew it onto the spread with clear thread. It created a little flap and allowed me to include journaling for the photo underneath as well as including another photo behind the flap!

and build it in a hula hoop (:

I'm kinda over peace signs but I actually like it DIY Dorm Room Ideas // Peace Sign Wreath

Organize chargers with a shoe box.

Storage Solutions

Great way to hide cords for gadgets. Put power strip in box, plug into wall. Plug all gadget cords into power strip!

Awesome idea for you to do, the kids, you and your mate and also you could do this at work/school and at the end of the year look back at all the great memories hack

What a cute idea! Each new year start a Memory Jar! Throughout the year, your family can jot down all the things that make you laugh and smile. Then on New Years Eve you read each note one by one!

Primitive & Proper: diy map table with a vintage map or page from an atlas and mod podge

Primitive & Proper: diy map table with a vintage map or page from an atlas and mod podge(Modge Podge Table Top)