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C-1 electric vehicle rolls with the times

Lit Motors unveils a new electric propotype car called (well over a year ago). Combining the small size of a motorcycle and the safety of a car, this car is also nicknamed “rolling smartphone” for its maximal connectiy with mobile devices.

Lamborghini PML-F Formula 1 Concept

The newly designed Lamborghini PML-F Formula 1 Concept, however, could change that. Part racer, part Dark Knight transport, this demonic creation from Sabino Leerentveld is intended to be propelled by a 1200 hp


Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XK-SS and Boeing Stearman Biplane. This car epitomizes what a sports is to me.

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle

Generation Confederate Hellcat Motorcycle Amazing designs from Confederate Motorcycles!

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