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phases of the moon - spine tattoo


May my love ride the dandelion flying. Run for your life.

Sun and moon

I want to get similar design on my side but have the sun stacked above the moon and have stars hanging from the moon. My sister being the sun and I the moon


"so helpful! how to draw faces from different angles Manga_Tutorial__Head_Direction_by_MermaidUnderSea.jpg I don't exactly draw manga but this is still a good reference.


blue, and color full pic. a girl with pretty eyes ,that make you look a lot in this pic XXDD

Shin - Amnesia

Shin from amnesia-this guy dresses like a guy version of me (all black red, chains and gloves)


A kissing couple


Anime Boy w/ Camera. His eyes are very beautiful and I like the soft muted colors and lines too. <---he likes photography! He's mine, I called him

Anime Eyes ★

Le Vocaloid Eyes Rin, Miku, and Len are there. I've seen the whole picture of them before.


2 To 9 Heads - ANIME STANDART NOT REALITY ! by rika-dono* bluetaffy says: Great pic to see someone's version of stylistic anatomy through the ages.