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A 10-Minute Workout You Can Do Every Day (No Equipment Necessary) -

Learn how much you should have, and why it is important fuel as a runner. 

Those womanly runner issues that no one tells you about.

Here are 7 of the best foam roller exercises that will definitely give your body a nice and realizing stretch.

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Tips for running in the cold

Yoga for runners #running #yoga #stretch #flexibility

Check out these plank variations! Amazing exercise to tone your entire body.

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"How to Foam-Roll like a pro!" I love to foam roll... it is pretty much my favorite post-workout ritual. It's like having my own personal masseuse! Foam rolling massages your muscles and helps you recover better after a workout:) My favorite thing to foam roll: my IT bands... it hurts SO MUCH the first few days you do it, but man do your muscles start feeling more loose afterwards!!

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Coming in Last in a race is not a bad thing!

Killer running workout- burn double the calories in half the time!

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If you’re looking to balance out your cardio, try these four strength-training moves for runners. Your work will be reflected in your form and times—guaranteed. |

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The Anywhere Workout

So inspirational. 91 and has completed several marathons and is a cancer-survivor. No excuses.