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When her parents get divorced, a little girl is worried about many things, including how she will celebrate the Jewish holidays in two different households. The holiday of Passover gives her a chance to celebrate separately with each parent. Over the course of three years and six seders, she and her family work to adjust to this new world, creating happy new lives and new family traditions.

A Tale of Two Seders (Paperback)

An old man walks into the town of Chelm asking for food. The townspeople claim they have nothing to share, but the man explains that he can make enough food for everyone with just a stone. The townspeople are intrigued and watch the man as he creates a pot of delicious matzoh ball soup. As he begins to cook, he asks for one ingredient and then another, which the townspeople provide. In the end, they have unknowingly contributed to making a Seder feast for all to share!

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls

This gorgeous picture book in verse follows the actual story of the Exodus. Told through the eyes of a young slave girl, author Laurel Snyder and illustrator Catia Chien skillfully and gently depict the story of Pharoah, Moses, the 10 plagues, and the parting of the Red Sea in a remarkably accessible way.

The Longest Night by Laurel Snyder; illustrated by Catia Chien

"In the middle of the night on a Thursday, two crooks—onions should grow in their navels—drove their horse and wagon to the saloon of Reb Elias Olschwanger, at the corner of 14th and Carr streets in St. Louis. This didn't happen yesterday. It was 1919." So begins this wry Pesach story set in the Yiddish community of St. Louis and told with magic realism. Shlemiel Crooks is a Sydney Taylor Honor Book and a PJ Library Book. A family musical based on the book premiered at Merkin Concert Hall.

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Baby sisters can be so annoying! That's what Max thinks. Max needs his daddy's help—right now!—to bake a surprise Passover birthday cake for his mommy. But as baby Trudy fusses instead of napping, and Daddy tries to settle her down, their time to bake is slipping away. With her warm and pithy storytelling, Michelle Edwards captures the moment in a child's life when he realizes that he has the power to do things on his own.

Max Makes a Cake | Books

Miriam watched over her baby brother in the bulrushes, led the women in song when crossing the Red Sea, and kept the Israelites alive in the desert with water from her miraculous well. This beautifully illustrated, deeply spiritual book celebrates a beloved prophet and brings alive the magic of holidays and remembrance.

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Journey with a curious little mouse as he travels from a wheat field in the country to a big city factory where harvested wheat is baked into matzah.

The Mouse in the Matzah Factory (Paperback)

The war is over, and everyone is saying the South lost. Ten-year-old Jacob would give anything to show those Yankees that not all Confederates are ready to surrender. He gets his chance when he sees a real, live Yankee soldier walking down his street. But before Jacob can think of a way to be brave, the Yankee asks him for a piece of his matzoh. This true story about a Jewish Yankee soldier joining a Southern family’s Passover meal shows how common values can overcome divisive differences.

The Yankee at the Seder by Elka Weber

Oy gevalt! It's almost time for Passover. The Little Red Hen must make matzah. She asks her friends for help planting grains. "Sorry, bub," neighs Horse. "Think again," barks Dog. Of course, the Little Red Hen does it all herself. A favorite classic tale gets a Jewish twist in this hilarious story.

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Izzy the Whiz is an amateur inventor who, right before Passover, creates a super-duper machine that whirs and purrs and munches and crunches and miraculously cleans the entire house just in time for the holiday -- but not without creating havoc along the way.

Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean (Paperback)

Meet Doda Golda, the most whimsical, loveable character ever! She’s as well-meaning as they come, but she does have a tendency to take statements quite literally—which often leads to hilariously funny outcomes… a great Pesach title and a gift that kids will enjoy again and again!

Doda Golda Comes For Pesach

In this beautiful new edition of a children's classic, Boruch (a familiar character from Rabbi Kunda's popular children's tapes) learns all about the special activities of Pesach. From cleaning the house for chametz (leavened bread) to a complete tour of the Pesach seder, this book is sure to delight children ages 3-7 with its colorful illustrations and adorable rhyme.

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It’s almost Pesach. That means it’s time to check the entire house for chametz! Mommy hid 10 pieces of chametz for us to find as we search the house. Can we count to 10 as we find them?

The Chametz Hunt

With permission from their commander and matzah brought in on a train from Cincinnati, Jewish members of a Civil War regiment improvise a seder to remember. The participation of three former slaves, now members of their company, lends a special meaning to this celebration of freedom.

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This colorful book explores the many forms that the weeklong celebration of Passover takes worldwide. Deborah Heiligman's rich text details the long, lavish meals called seders that recall the Exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt to freedom over 3,500 years ago. With historical significance of traditional Passover feasts, delicious recipes encourage readers to experience the full flavor of this internationally observed holiday.

Celebrate Passover - Softcover

Young amateur archeologist Jodie invites her cousin Zach on a Passover adventure to explore Hezekiah's Tunnel in Jerusalem, the famous secret water tunnel. Sloshing through the long, creepy, dark, wet passage, they solve the riddle in the middle and find a shiny treasure.

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As the Israelites rush to leave Egypt after being freed from slavery, young Nachshon is the first to brave the water that must be crossed, even though he is afraid to take the plunge.

Nachshon, Who Was Afraid to Swim: A Passover Story (Paperback)

With only her best friend to lean on, forthright Penina Levine celebrates Passover while she contends with a bratty younger sister and a seemingly unsympathetic sixth-grade teacher.

Penina Levine Is a Hard-boiled Egg | Rebecca O'Connell | Macmillan

When Charlie moves next door to Sam, he's thrilled to have a new friend--even if she is a girl. Charlie has a little sister, also named Sam--or Sam Too, as the other Sam comes to call her. Both Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too) are Jewish, and they try to live by the religion's motto: Love your neighbor as yourself. The five brief stories in this book, accompanied by colorful illustrations, highlight the value of friendship and its ups and downs. Includes "Crunch!" a story for Passover.

Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too) Return!, by Leslie Kimmelman and William Owl | Albert Whitman & Company

For centuries, millions of Jews around the world have celebrated Passover. Your child will discover the customs and rituals of the holiday in this rich compilation. The book gathers stories, songs, poems, pictures, and prayers to showcase the history and joy of this ancient festival and make it relevant to today.

Wonders and Miracles - Hardcover

Rebecca Rubin worries that her tenth birthday will be ruined because it falls during Passover, but her mother's cousin Max invites her to join him for a day at his movie studio to watch a movie being made. At the studio, Rebecca meets the glamorous Lily, a real movie star. When the camera begins to roll, Rebecca knows she must sit quietly and watch. Suddenly, the director shouts "Cut!" and Rebecca finds herself facing an opportunity she never imagined in her wildest dreams.

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For young children, a lift-the-page look at what makes Passover special. From matzah to Elijah's chair, this is a sure hit for little ones as they guess "What Am I?" and lift the page to find out!

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In this simple but pleasant poem, children learn the order of the Passover seder. A brief explanation of one to four lines is devoted to each of the fifteen steps of the traditional holiday meal, beginning with Kadesh, saying a blessing over the wine, and concluding with nirtzah, singing the final songs of the evening and expressing wishes to spend next year's holiday in Jerusalem. The name of each stage of the festive meal is written only in Hebrew, although the poem itself is in English.

On This Night - The Steps of the Seder in Rhyme

Little readers will have fun counting and rhyming with a brother and sister in Kar-Ben’s new board book Going on a Hametz Hunt, as they look for breadcrumbs in a favorite kids’ tradition before the start of the Passover holiday. Award-winning author Jacqueline Jules combines rhyme, counting, and a popular Jewish children’s activity for Passover. Cheery illustrations by Rick Brown compliment the simple text.

Going on a Hametz Hunt (Board Book)

In this charming and humorous story, Miriam discovers—with the help of her family and a little matzah—the true meaning and importance of Passover. Miriam loves spending time with her family during Passover, and all week long she is happy to eat lots of matzah. But when she wakes up on the last day of the holiday, she is sick of matzah and refuses to eat it ever again. Then Grandpa makes his special matzah brei for the whole family, and Miriam learns there’s more to Passover than just matzah.

A Sweet Passover