Vintage Ads & Classic Brand Icons

The ads and brand ambassadors that launched some of the world's best known brands.

Vintage Ads & Classic Brand Icons

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Coca Cola

Vintage ad.

Coca-Cola Xmas ad, 1950

Kodak Eastman Xmas morning vintage ad

Chesterfield Cigarettes, xmas 1938

Good Year Tires vinatge xmas ad

TV Guide Vintaeg xmas edition

7Up 1951 xmas vintage ad

Sheraton ad that speaks to the 1950s business traveler

A Tribute To ‘The Greatest Slogan In Advertising History’ 1st #Nike #JustDoIt #ad

MadMen Carousel

If Kodak Re-Introduced the Carousel Today…

coke polar bears

VW Lemon and Think Small ads

Grey Poupon Is That Grey Poupon on your weiner?

This isn’t your Father’s Oldsmobile

Fisk tires ad

Vintage Harley Davidson print ad

Johnnie Walker 1965 print ad.

Vintage Johnnie Walker ad


Jaguar long form print ad 1963

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker's Striding Man

Evolution of The Brand Protagonist [1950s - Today]