Mika and his beloved white chipboard piano

Mika and his beloved white chipboard piano Mika's music is just amazing :))

Mika. I really.. like.. him..

This man right here was an inspiration and a helping angel during a really tough time for me. He means the world to me and I really want to let him know this one day.

Mika, another great artist

Mika - British Singer, Songwriter - Winner 2007 World Music Award, 2008 Brit Award

Mika, this one with long hair is a lot better than the others.. :)

Mika Penniman - The Boy Who Knew Too Much magazine edition from Korea 2010


"Like stupid Adam and Eve, they found their love in a tree. God didn't think they deserved it. He taught them hate, taught them pride; gave them a leaf, made them hide. Let's push their stories aside,you know the origin is you: you're the origin of love".


Mika dans tous ses états

"No Place in Heaven" - Mika dans tous ses états

you'll be wearing that to our wedding my love!

Mika- his music still knows how to make its wait straight to my heart