Of course life is a bitch. If it was a slut, it would be easy. <a href='\/search?q=life' class='pintag' title=' search Pinterest' rel='nofollow'> <a href='\/explore\/quotes' class='pintag' title=' explore Pinterest'>

HAHA!  So funny.

28 Of The Greatest Moments In The History Of Parenting


The Mysterious Chest

I'm so going to do this I'll write a letter stating that in this box is my biggest darkest secret that has haunted me until my dying day and it'll just be a random picture of a troll doll. and a roll of of duct tape!! lol

Grumpy cat has become more than just a sad or annoyed cat that we laugh at. The grumpy cat meme has become a rallying point for all of us who are tired of trying to be happy and want the sadness to envelope us like a warm hug of loneliness. [...]