All The Creatures Were Stirring

Aesthetics Board for the Short Story ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING, a sort of reverse Nightmare Before Christmas wherein family misfit and autumn hearth witch…
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a woman walking down a path in the woods
A Bewitching Reflection on the Season
a horse that is sitting in the snow with a saddle on it's back
Horseback Riding Rules For Beginners - FashionActivation
a small rodent peeks out from its hole in a tree
a fox looking up at a butterfly on its head
Fox & friend - Animals
Vintage Halloween, People, Coven, Halloween Movies, Halloweenie, Halloween Town, Spooky Scary
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a woman holding a lantern standing in front of a building
Evening... by Marketa Novak / 500px
an orange forest filled with lots of tall trees
Welcome To Orange Forest by Evgeni Dinev
an old building with christmas lights on it and the sky in the background is purple