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Miss DeCarbo: Search results for lab coats

Miss DeCarbo: Search results for lab coats

Rain Experiment. Boiling water. Steam rises. Hold cotton (aka the cloud) over the steam. When the cotton gets heavy then use the tongs to squeeze the "rain" out of the "cloud". Great visuals!

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The Bread In A Bag Digestive System Demonstration. Your students will see what digestion looks like and will never forget - plus they get all grossed out. It's a great activity to do if your studying digestion.

Human Digestion Demonstration Part 2 – The Bread In The Bag


A Handy Activity About Bones

Watch-It-Grow Window Greenhouse - Each

Watch-It-Grow Window Greenhouse at Lakeshore Learning

For Every Momfrom For Every Mom

This Is SO COOL! (Pun Intended) These Easy Science Activities Give Your Kids Queen Elsa's Frozen Powers

Give your kids Disney Frozen powers! Channel Queen Elsa's powers with these easy Frozen crafts turned science experiments! A great science less and so much fun!

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Hibernation cupcakes! "Cavecakes". Mix cake mix as directed. fill cupcake tin half way. place a teddy graham in middle. cover teddy grahams with the rest of cake mix and bake. frost with frosting. We had these for hibernation day at school. I told the kids it was a bear in a cave with snow on top :). They loved finding the!!!

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Danielle Allison

Science Matters: Learning About the States of Matter with Primary Children. Make ice cream in a bag, see all 3 states in a root beer float, and make some cupcake magic. Lots of ideas! #statesofmatter

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“Why do leaves change colors?”  Have your kids ever asked you this question?  I’ll admit, I had forgotten the scientific reason and copped out to the simple explanation of the change in seasons.  I might have also used my awesome go-to answer, “Because God made it that way.”   And while completely true, it …

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Frugal Fun For Boysfrom Frugal Fun For Boys

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: What Melts in the Sun

Simple Science Experiment for Kids - What Melts in the Sun? Perfect activity for a hot day!

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: What Melts in the Sun? - Frugal Fun For Boys

Swish This Activities -- Teacher Activity Instructions

Swish This

Happy tooth, Sad tooth collage. Great for Dental Health Month in February, as part of a Healthy Me theme.

2 Teaching Mommies: Happy and Sad Teeth Collage

Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution? In this experiment the kids learn just how hard it is to undo water pollution.

Along the Way: Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution?

LOTS of fun snow activities and free printables! :)

Simply Second Grade: Search results for Snowman

Neat states of matter activity.

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Simply Second Grade: weather - Great teaching ideas for clouds and craft - awesome!

Simply Second Grade: weather


Weather Graph FREEBIE!

Help your students understand how a seed grows by printing out cards that show the stages of a seed's growth, beginning with the seed in dirt to a ...

How a Plant Grows- Sequencing Cards


Pumpkin Life Cycle

#Halloween science! Explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with this cut-and-paste growth chart.

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

My Little Yellow Room: Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

Interactive Notebook Pages For Your Plant Unit - FREEBIE!

Interactive Notebook Pages For Your Plant Unit

The ULTIMATE Science Interactive Notebook Pack! Now updated with 203 flip books! $

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Balloon science comparing gas, liquid and solids

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States of Matter FREEBIE! Students will cut out the pictures, sort them into the correct group and glue. 2 versions included. #education #science #statesofmatter #sheilamelton

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Alot of good stuff in this blog

Ship Shape First Grade: Search results for kwl chart