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#CaposaldoWine is the perfect pairing for your book club! Check out how Erin Schrader styled it for a book club/girls night in gathering.

#SeekAdventure with Simple One-Pot Pasta Done Two Ways: Red and White Sauces made with The Seeker Wines by Chelsea Haga {Gal on a Mission}

Caposaldo Wine is the perfect party pleasing beverage, from a Sparkling Peach Moscato perfect for sipping on during girls night in to a deliciously sweet Pinot Grigio perfect by the glass with dinner; find out why you should try this wine and more about how you can host the most fantastic girls night in (or "hurricane party")! by Lauren Paints | a beautiful life #CaposaldoWine

Bratwurst sausages are nestled into toasted buns before being covered with an over easy egg just waiting to spill it's yolk. Slices of fresh jalapeno and chopped cilantro are sprinkled on top of these Salsa Verde Breakfast Bratwrusts and breakfast - or whatever meal you'd like to serve them for! - is served. by Melanie | Melanie Makes #GrillPorkSweeps

#SeekAdventure with a Sunset Salmon Dinner by Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps

Spice things up with this Jalapeno-Mango Mojito made with #AlizeinColor by Melody Wright

Solo Summer Cocktails made with #AlizeinColor by The Glamorous Gleam

#SeekAdventure at an outdoor concert and make these Braised Beef Mac and Cheese Sandwiches from Betsylife to keep you dancing all night long!

#SeekAdventure with a summer picnic and be sure to bring along Culinary Hill's buttery, crisp ricotta crostini topped with a blueberry spread!

#SeekAdventure with an Easy Charcuterie Plate and a camping trip! by foodness gracious

#SeekAdventure with outdoor concerts & a bottle of The Seeker Wine by Jessica Fay

Summer cocktails that are all about the #AlizeinColor by ClumpsOfMascara

#SeekAdventure with a picnic in the park! Sisters Marie had so much fun on their adventure.

#SeekAdventure with recipes inspired by your travels like this Ricotta Tomato Toast by ChezCateyLou!