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1D Drawings

How creative.

1D Drawings

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skater boy louis

  • M O L L Y
    M O L L Y

    Can you put the artist credit back on this and the other fanart pin you repinned from me?

  • Ralynda Jane
    Ralynda Jane

    "I'm not buying you anything you rich bastard" LOL

  • M e l a y n i e ♕
    M e l a y n i e ♕

    Omg i didn't even see that until i read your comment x'D ^

  • #ProjectNoControl

    This is truly adorbs!!!!!!! :D

Awwwwww Liam ❤

  • Smurf_Erika

    Beautiful drawing :3

This One Direction drawing is so good..

  • ➳Alexis V➳
    ➳Alexis V➳

    Did u do this!!???? Ur an amazing artist!!

It's a yes from me

This is, the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

  • Haley C
    Haley C

    Love it

  • Courtney Ryan
    Courtney Ryan


  • Kenz

    I love how Zayn's just dazzling

This is amazing!

Harry "harold" Styles

1D UPDATES❤ (_NewsAbout1D_) on Twitter

My life is now complete.

1D as Disney characters

Don't hurt Niall. He's fragile.

  • 👽Mollie Horan💀
    👽Mollie Horan💀

    Did you just

  • 👽Mollie Horan💀
    👽Mollie Horan💀

    I'm so heartbroken right now. I wanna jump into the Niall river.

  • Kelsey Kathleen
    Kelsey Kathleen

    I'm still in deniall that anyone could hurt him...

  • 👽Mollie Horan💀
    👽Mollie Horan💀

    You must be new❤

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  • Maggie Snyder
    Maggie Snyder

    That's a drawing?

The boys WWA outfits (:

  • мaddieღ♫

    Harry's outfits barely change

  • Mikala Hines
    Mikala Hines

    Are you kidding me? Louis wears the same shirt almost every time!! Oh baby

  • мaddieღ♫

    Harry always wears some type of black t-shirt with black jeans. Louis spices it up a little more than that!

  • Mikala Hines
    Mikala Hines

    Haha i guess that's pretty true! Our boys need a wardrobe update!

  • P Å I G Ē X :)
    P Å I G Ē X :)

    Harry's never changed

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(24) harry styles | Tumblr

  • Cassie Winchester
    Cassie Winchester

    Rated B for Bananas!!!!

Oh my gosh.

  • Fabi Manrique
    Fabi Manrique

    I thought we had an agreement that after the tour started, this would be over?! (Jk these are actually the oblige things that keep me from ridding myself of my next victim

  • Fabi Manrique
    Fabi Manrique


Punk rocker one direction

  • Haley Roberts
    Haley Roberts

    McKinzi Turner haha oh harry

  • Becky Spalding
    Becky Spalding

    K but niall made me scream

  • ♥Sam

    Yup, Harry tho!!! Ha

  • Caitlin Noelle Swick
    Caitlin Noelle Swick

    um what did they do to our cupcake

  • Courtney Carey
    Courtney Carey

    Heck to tha no

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