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Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson, he's actually the cutest

Louis Tomlinson

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Louis arriving in Japan

St. Louis Tomlinson bc your face is a blessing from above

  • //mymy//

    so you're saying that you only like him because of his looks...

  • One Direction
    One Direction

    I don't think I said that at all. There's no denying that his face is gorgeous, but his personality will out weighs his look any day of the week (: -Elle

Louis Tomlinson // he's hot

  • Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat
    Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat

    Also, do you notice he has a cigarette with El? That's bc the magazines can't put someone with a cigarette in the magazines.

  • Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat
    Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat

    HOW?!? Maybe this dude wants some privacy!!!! LIAM DID THE EXACT THING

  • Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat
    Lexi Wood #SupportZaynNoMatterWhat


  • ♡ taylee flick ♡
    ♡ taylee flick ♡

    Alright. It might not be good for him or whatever but he didn't sign up to be a good role model for little ten year olds. If he wants to smoke a cigarette every once in a while let him. Why does every always freak out, y'all just need to chill

  • emma bryant
    emma bryant

    I don't like it just bc I know how bad cigarettes can be if you get addicted but every once in a while is ok

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Louis at the first OTRA Tour 02.07.15

  • Brooke Stafford 💙🌸
    Brooke Stafford 💙🌸

    Hannah Mitchem

Louis at the first OTRA Tour 02.07.15

  • 💖Monse Cerna💖
    💖Monse Cerna💖


  • Melody :P
    Melody :P

    He looks like the bad guys henchman in some spy movie that in the end turns out to be good and falls in love with the main women Character

  • Hannah B.
    Hannah B.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and that goes for bathing suits jeans skinny jeans sneakers shorts sweaters (jumpers) beanies caps jackets stripes t-shirts long sleeves and hoodies!

Louis Tomlinson + OTRA Tour

  • Connie Banda
    Connie Banda

    He's just SO PERFECT

Louis gives me heart problems.



  • Anastasia Snyder
    Anastasia Snyder

    Aren't we all though! It happens much to fast! It's like one day your little and coloring playing with play dough then you blink and then your 18 (or older) and someone's handing you a diploma!

Louis Tomlinson

  • Abby Horan
    Abby Horan

    omg this was so long ago!