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☀CQ #crafts DIY free standing projector screen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is the screen I built out of 2x2's, some shelf brackets, PVC pipe, 8/32 screws and thumbscrew fasteners, and a canvas tarp from home depot for about $40. This is the exploded view with some minor improvements to the drawing.

Great tutorial for making these for these. Use plane fabric or melmac board for dry erase.(Use zip ties to attach) Paint the other side with magnetic paint or even cover with felt for felt board.

Pipe And Drape System DIY

creating backdrops for parties, and recently realized I had never shared this tutorial with you here. This is my DIY pipe and drape system that is perfect for a photo area, or for when you don’t have a wall behind a table but you want to create some interest behind it. Best part is it costs less than 20