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Upgrading the RAM of a Computer

FORM FACTOR - a set of specifications on the size, shape, and configuration of a computer hardware component such as a case, power supply or motherboard.

How to Repair Dead Mobile Phone

Do you have a mobile phone that went dead unexpectedly. Perhaps there are vital information you need to access.

Computer Virus:meaning,causes and Precaution

Computer Viruses are every where. It is better to take precaution than fall a victim. sensitive information about you can be taken such as your Account details even with your own assistance.

Symptoms of Computer Virus

The email message below, which claims that the recipients’ email account storage has exceeded its limit and need to be verified, i.

Solution for Stuck "Preparing to Configure Windows. Please do not turn off your Computer"

Solution for Stuck "Preparing to Configure Windows.

what is computer software ? (Definition and Types)

A clear knowledge of Computer Software and the types will bring about ultimate benefits from Computer usage. Computer sofware development is in the swtate of flux, one have to be constantly updated.

Apple iOS 6 Top 10 Amazing Features

For iPhone Customers, Apple Has Cut The Number Of Unsupported iOS 6 Features By Two