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Are you a reader? You are in the right company! Here are 20 books from fellow gals who read that you need to grab NOW! Plus, the chance to score them all for free is a pretty sweet deal!


12 Chapter Book Series for Young Readers

12 Great Chapter Book Series for Young Readers. Love these suggestions as they cover a whole range of interests.


30 best book series for kids ages 8-12 summer reading list

great list of fantastic series for kids ages 8-12. great books to put on the summer reading list!

25 incredible books for kids ages 8-12 {summer reading list

great list of the best books for kids ages 8-12 (grades 4-6). Perfect for a summer reading list!


Top 10 Parenting Books for Raising Girls

Intended Audience - parents Intended Developmental Period - middle childhood Reason for Choosing - cognitive + social/emotional development: helpful books for parents raising girls (books range from education to bullying)

Reading List By Grade Level

What should my child read? How do I know if it will be too easy or too hard? These are common questions among homeschool parents. Fortunately, the answers are right at your fingertips!