Woodland Caribou

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the path of grey owl is shown in front of a body of water with two canoes
Ray Mears and the Path of Grey Owl
The sound of silence: take a pilgrimage to Ontario’s awe-inspiring Woodland Caribou | Ontario | Travel | The Independent
an animal that is standing in the woods
Take a pilgrimage to Ontario’s awe-inspiring Woodland Caribou
While many of Ontario's parks can boast pristine landscapes, none is as untouched as Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario, abutting the neighbouring province of Manitoba. Fewer individuals visit the park each year - an estimated 800 - than there are paddle-in camping spots and kilometres of maintained canoe routes (roughly 2,000 in both cases). Typically canoe trippers might encounter two or three other paddling parties during a two-week expedition. Noisy motors are heard...
a man is paddling his canoe on the water
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
Ten-day canoe trek through the lakes of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park - Ontario OUT OF DOORS
an aurora bore is seen in the night sky over a body of water and trees
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
a person in a canoe paddling through the water on a cloudy day with trees
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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park This is a place one is more likely to come across a woodland caribou, or hear the cry of a wolf than encounter humankind. It is an ancient, weathered landscape of haunting physical solitude and spiritual
a moose is swimming in the water with trees in the background
Moose, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada | by Vern Dewit, via 500px
a red canoe sitting on the shore of a lake
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Trip
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
the man is paddling his kayak down the river
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park - Ontario Parks north of Kenora Ontario and a primier destination for wilderness adventure and anglers.