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    Rhonda Alton-Dick
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    Rhonda Alton-Dick

    How to Light Your Tree Like a Pro - lots of pics showing how to string lights on the tree.

    Grass---Part 4 of 4---written directions on post---

    Want to go to #college for free? These are 7 real and legit ways that you could actually do just that -

    100 Budgeting Resources - The Ultimate List. Organize your budget with these helpful resources.

    Easy DIY Tutorial how to make silicone molds using things you have at home! Perfect for duplicating things with fimo, polymer clay or air drying clay.

    Have you always wanted a magical Christmas village to share with family and friends? Here are step by step instructions on how to create a miniature Christmas village display, with everything from installation, storage, set up, houses and lights. Also included are thrifty money saving tips from Marty's Musings.

    2014 children jewerly/my creation-idea taken from the Internet - Quilling

    The Fun Cheap or Free Queen: Simplest budgeting technique EVER. Includes FREE printables!

    Part 3 of 3---written directions on post---

    Copy & Paste into a Word Document. PAGE SET-UP as Zero margins. Center and stretch picture to fit paper.

    Plant Spacings - Good color chart on the recommended plant spacings for square foot #gardens. Timothy bought some 1 foot 1/4-inch plywood squares and drilled 2-inch holes in each planting pattern. Makes #garden planting quick and accurate for beginners and kids! Note: pole beans use the center two rows of the 16/foot pattern for 8/foot.

    Vegetable Garden Plan click and then follow to make your own square foot layout. Mine so far is a huge success and has made planning our summer garden super easy.

    Vegetable Planting Chart - has info on spacing, how much seed per 50', days to germination, days to yield, possible yield per 50', row length, number of plants you will need for a family of 5, common pests and suggested control. See more of my fav garden charts on my "Garden Planting Charts" pin board.

    Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.

    Plants per containers if you are planting in containers.

    Growing Veggies Chart - a nice condensed guide to for when to start your seeds and plant care through the season!

    Compact Vegetable Garden - though comments to note are that cucumbers should not go next to tomatoes.

    How to start a garden, save money, and eat fresh! | Healthy Living Blog

    Great site for starting a garden when you're clueless

    This site is essentially the lazy man's guide to gardening. It gives you a Free Garden Plan: Beginner Garden in a Day with a chart on exactly what to plant and where. There is no thinking or deciding, it is a step by step guide on how to plant a garden with complimentary plants.

    Food that magically regrows itself! I bet my kids would love watching what happens with their uneaten vegetables

    Square Foot Planting Guide ~ Vegetables are at their best when purchased in season. This seasonal chart gives you a good idea of when to buy. For example, cucumbers and zucchini are in season from March to September and beets are year round.

    Good graphic for telling what you may need in your garden.

    This is a great website to design your garden. You can set your location and it will show you how much space each plant needs and give you reminders.

    Step by step: how to plant a spring garden CAN'T WAIT until I have my own backyard to plant in!!

    Learn when and how to harvest and store seeds from your own garden to plant for the following year.