Angela Thurman
Angela Thurman
Angela Thurman

Angela Thurman

........♥...... Little things in life bring me Joy.

Potatoes baked in Chicken Broth, Garlic and Butter, SO GOOD! They get crispy on the bottom but stay fluffy inside. Chocked full of flavor.

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Your Christian Walk - Let's keep our hearts fixed, and our eyes set on Jesus Christ all the days long. Let's lay aside every weight that may hold us down, or turn us around from living a life that pleases the Lord. Don't turn to the left or the right for other options down the road, listen to the voice of God’s Living Word telling you which way to go.ヅ °°{DM}°°

We aren't called to fill the pews with members; we are called to fill the world with disciples.

Husband Quote: When God knows you're READY for the RESPONSIBILITY of commitment. He'll reveal the RIGHT PERSON under the RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES. WAIT PATIENTLY. Don't wast your time searching and wishing. GROW and be READY. And you'll see, God will give you a LOVE STORY far better than you could ever dream of.

Easy Strawberry Cake tastes and looks like a bakery cake, but is easier than from-scratch! It's full of fresh strawberries in the cake and the icing.

DIY photo glass tile pendant

Don't worry abut anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for what He has done. Philippians 4:6

As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God, and my God will certainly hear me... Micah 7:7

Christ in The Storm print

I've always felt like sleep was a waste of time. Until I discovered that God cares about sleep, and we should, too.

Bible Crafts for Kids - we could have the kids make these for the 10 Commandments on Day 1....

Bible Crafts for Kids - we could have the kids make these for the 10 Commandments on Day 1....

Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Sauce « These Look Amazing.,Yummy and Delicious!

Quick and Easy Chicken and Avocado Burritos (Under 10 Minutes!)

Today walk around knowing God has a plan for your life. Trust God enough to let it unfold and don't force anything. Walk around with Godfidence and let people see the lord in you. By your words and actions people will be able to see God and draw closer to yourself and him. || Prayer from the #instapray app. Download the free prayer app on and #Pray with the whole world.