Солдатова София Усиковна

Солдатова София Усиковна

Солдатова София Усиковна
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Want me to make you a customized logo??!! All you have to do is comment whatever you want your background to be and what you want it to say!!. Then I'll post it onto a board and tag you in It!!

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Starbucks lip balm | lol kinda "basic" (if people still say that) but the mini cups look cute

Make your Own Starbucks Lip Balm! Transform your OLD EOS Lip Balm into a Starbucks Drink! This is really super easy to make, you only going to need white silicone and a lid of any container! Love this idea so much!

Logo starbucks coffee ♥ | We Heart It

This logo Starbucks coffee appeals to a younger audience aged about and the colour and contrast used on the image makes the logo the focal point.

Homemade #MacroFriendly @Starbucks Secret Menu Vanilla Birthday Cake Batter Frappe! Ohh my goodness...... Talk about a dream come true It literally tasted just like birthday cake Macros for Starbucks Version: 550 cals, 95g carbs, 18g fat, 7g protein Good God Almighty just go eat cake for goodness sake Macros for MY Version: 111 cals, 10g carbs, 1.5g fat, 13g protein Round 2 goes to Zach! Like literally this tasted like legit cake batter. I can't stop sa ...

Homemade Secret Menu Vanilla Birthday Cake Batter… I am ubsessed with vanilla bean starbucks so i decided to find another new drink