Trix Tanzarella

Trix Tanzarella

London / Architect. Philosopher. Explorer.
Trix Tanzarella
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Unique proportions + black and white contrast

Dixon Kirby ・・・ "If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. This house pushed the boundaries for our town - who knew it would be one of our most popular homes ever!

OML this is the bestesesest thing ever welcome to my new home heY, but i think a whole rose gold roof would look a little off, so a roof with rose gold accents would look sophisticated and bold, yet soft

It would be a lie to say I only like this because of the timber- I mean look at that copper roof! Lovely and unexpected combination of materials. Community Centre for Evangelical Reformed Church in Würenlos by Menzi Bürgler Architekten

Wenslauer House by 31/44

Completed in 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Images by Kasia Gatkowska . Architects has completed Wenslauer House, a new spacious self-build family home on a constrained site in central Amsterdam. Replacing a.

Ketsiree Wongwan

Alkhemist Architects is an architecture studio founded by Kraipol jayanetra in The studio is specialized in applying strategic and scenario thinking as well as knowledge in visual literacy as an analytical tools to deliver an efficient design so

Loft in Kyiv,© Igor Karpenko

Built by MARTINarchitects in Kyiv, Ukraine with date Images by Igor Karpenko. Architects Igor Martin and Olga Novikova, presenting a studio MARTIN architects, realized a project Loft is Loft.

Chef's Condominium Renovation,© Ketsiree Wongwan and Tinnaphop Chawatin

Image 14 of 25 from gallery of Chef's Condominium Renovation / FATTSTUDIO. Photograph by Ketsiree Wongwan and Tinnaphop Chawatin

Chef's Condominium Renovation,© Ketsiree Wongwan and Tinnaphop Chawatin

Renovation of Charoen Krung Condo: Dining area Design by FATTSTUDIO, Supanna Chanpensri Photographer : Tinnaphop Chawatin

Mirko Merchiori

Image 12 of 21 from gallery of House as a Rock / Global Architects. Photograph by Mirko Merchiori