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Brother Toad and the Giants - Print Wise One, Toad, Charity, Brother, Artwork, Books, Favorite Things, Animals, Fictional Characters

Brother Toad and the Giants - Print

Giants are mean and hate everyone; dragonflies are food, not friends; and nobody is as important as the toads. That's what the Wise One says, at least. But one curious little toad, fresh from the pond, asks,

Cover and Pre-order for Presence: August Heat by Charity Becker Charity, Books, Gift Ideas, Friends, Cover, Amigos, Libros, Book, Book Illustrations

Presence: August Heat - Print

Following an anonymous tip left at her office, Mina Jewel begins investigating a bizarre string of random murders. When she finds herself under

Presence Into the Dark (signed paperback) Self Pity, Innocent Child, Make A Choice, Book Publishing, Have Time, Rage, No Worries, Charity, The Darkest

Presence: Into the Dark - Print

Presence: Into the Dark Someone is messing with Mina Jewel's head, and she's about to crack. Desperate for a solution, but worried about backlash if her hunch is wrong, Mina steps outside of Presence to seek answers to an impossible question. What she discovers will obliterate everything she's ever

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Charity Becker

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Presence: Smoke and Fire by Charity Becker. Series 3, Book Publishing, Thriller, Charity, Mystery, Horror, Fire, Smoke, Gift Ideas

Presence: Smoke and Fire - Print

When the Port Orchard police come to Mina Jewel for help, she knows it should be an interesting case. But not even the promise of a preternatural mystery can keep her interest very long with all the other crap on her plate. A sudden rush of missing teens and no clues to track them with, an enemy from

Presence: Wolf Moon by Charity Becker. Underground Society, Private Eye, Wolf Moon, Moon Print, Book Nooks, Werewolf, Book Publishing, Charity, My Books

Presence: Wolf Moon - Print

Presence: Wolf Moon A rogue werewolf threatens the safety of Port Orchard, Washington, but all Mina Jewel can think about is the sudden flood of unrelated missing children cases. Between her private eye gig, a rash of unexplained and debilitating health issues, and her duties to Presence--an underground

Presence: Awakening by Charity Becker. Horror Books, Book Nooks, Book Publishing, Short Stories, Awakening, Thriller, Charity, My Books, Reading

Presence: Awakening - Print

Mina Jewel swears the boogeyman slaughtered her abusive stepfather. But as far as the quiet town of Port Orchard, Washington is concerned, Mina is a cold-blooded killer and Cadric Jaden had been a saint. After enduring nine years of psychiatric care and whispers of her guilt, Mina is hell-bent on clearing