This is a great idea - bobby pins attached to a magnetic strip in a drawer. I'm glad this came along as I was beginning to think about how I wanted to organize my vanity drawers.

Love this idea! Magnetic strip: bobby pin saver inside the drawer. why have I never thought of this? bobby pins are attacking the house.

This is a great idea for all the jars I have that I can't use for canning.

Crafts: Painted jar vases: Pour paint into Mason jar; rotate until inside is completely covered; pour out excess, and let dry.


plants everywhere! indoor garden bedroom wicker boho botanical modern vintage rustic boho interior design style home decor -- from 36 Stunning Bohemian Homes You'd Love To Chill Out In

Mid-century plant hanger

Scenes From the Junaglow

love the black chalkboard wall, the butcher block & the pendant green kitchen pants Mid-century plant hanger


love the herringbone floors the window, the modern fireplace, the beams. So clean and neat. White walls and beams via Paul Raeside


The indoor swing brings a playful element to a practical open space. The high ceilings make it possible to install the swing inside.

clutter styled well.

fromscandinaviawithlove: By Swedish stylist Saša Antić. ---> this is totally like my style. lots of things in a small space.

Modern without being spartan and antiseptic...I like it.

define the ceiling of your living room with dark brown beams. white living room with sea glass green accents i might chang the color of greens but i really like the feel of this

Love that plant stand.

The Melbourne apartment/home studio of Andrew Walker and Gabriela Holland of Pop Plant. Via Design Files


This is the best window idea I've seen.from the inside. but it's not easily opened for ventilation. Might be good for front bedroom. and use the same window for Living room since the front door can be used for ventilation ~!


Hanging jar vases Jam jar rose vases DIY Bottle vase garland how to display flowers without a vase. no-vase flowers. amazing flower arrangement arranging ideas for valentines day mother's day.