The reThink Group/Orange
The reThink Group/Orange
The reThink Group/Orange

The reThink Group/Orange

We are a gathering of leaders who are passionate about engaging churches and families to influence the faith and character of the next generation

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"We need to demonstrate forgiveness to kids so they understand how Christ has forgiven them." – Reggie Joiner

"A phase is a timeframe in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future." – Reggie Joiner

"Seeing kids as being made in the image of God can change not just how you see them, but how they see God." – Reggie Joiner

"What would happen if we treated every kid like they matter to God?" – Reggie Joiner

"The people who abandon you don't get to decide who you become. Your problems don't have to determine your future. Your pain doesn't have to define how you finish." – Reggie Joiner

"Jesus made kids a pretty big deal. He said, whenever you welcome a kid, you welcome Me." – Reggie Joiner

"What you do for every kid at every phase matters more than you can imagine." – Reggie Joiner

"Every kid needs someone on their side to prove to them that God is on their side." – Reggie Joiner

"Treat children like they're made in the image of God. Convince them that they are the sons and daughters of God." – Reggie Joiner

"There's not any heartbreak, or tragedy, or pain, or rejection in any child's life that is so great that it can't be overcome by the love of a heavenly father." – Reggie Joiner