OK, this is so scary but true Numbers: 20 and 21 I remember my mom saying to Tashna one night at dinner, "You chew your food like hog. You a hog?" Then my sister replied, "Yes, Mother Hog"... Let's just say neither of them uttered such things thereafter.

"Well mom be back in a couple years". "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!!!" "I 'think' I'm going to get a boyfriend..." "...." "Don't ask...it's your fault for letting me watch Disney..." "Sweetie you're special" "To the core mom to the core"

This is long, but worth the read. Unfortunately, though a good read is completely false. Einstein was a professing agnostic who did not believe there was a personal God.

so we must discard the negative remarks, to the trash and keep only what makes you smile and feel good. Unless, of course, its your bestest coolest friend and you know he sincerely cares for you. Then, what he says might haunt you. It's a real friendship.

I took a walk with Jesus Just the other day And here are but a few things My Savior had to say My child I know that life is hard The road is rough and long But always know that I'll be there To fill your heart with song When on that road you stumble…

Amen! Very true :) he sent my husband to me at the right time.. Plus he sent the right man!! God is good!! Sometimes too good I don't always feel like I deserve it but apparently he does! He always believes in u if when u start to doubt yourself!