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Daily Twist

Daily Twist

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Today, let no high-five go unanswered. #dailytwist

Hurt feelings are no joke. #dailytwist

The world has never looked this good. #dailytwist

No one rocks the zebra stripes like you guys — except maybe us. #NFL #dailytwist

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

All we see is milk for days... #dailytwist

Imagine if you could only dunk every 4 years? We shudder at the thought. #dailytwist

Permission to dunk the cookies, your honor.

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

Grab your Oreo cookies and get your Milk ready -- it’s television’s biggest night of the year! #dailytwist

The leaves may be changing, but our deliciousness is constant. #dailytwist

  • Ngoc Le
    Ngoc Le

    so interesting! I love it most

Let’s raise a glass of Milk to Endeavour on the final leg of its journey. #dailytwist

Let’s raise a glass of milk to the most classic game of all -- Atari’s Pong! #dailytwist

Pirates may like their booty, but we’re happy with a glass of milk.

Celebrate Old Faithful’s discovery with a splash of a dunk! #dailytwist

Let’s raise a glass to our Founding Fathers for giving us the freedom to dunk. #dailytwist

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

We never get the caution flag when it comes to dunking. #dailytwist

Raise your glass of milk to all our Hispanic fans in honor of their heritage this month! #dailytwist

Do you LOVE to pin as much as you LOVE to dunk? #loveit #dailytwist

Ok, but is there an app for dunking? #dailytwist

Never forget. #dailytwist

Huge beard = awesome hiding place for Oreo cookies. #dailytwist

Grandparents are always there for a quick dunk if you need it :) #dailytwist

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

Without Oreo cookies and Milk, intergalactic flight is just plain boring. #dailytwist

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

While an award is great, we’d rather get a tall glass of milk to dunk in. #dailytwist #vma

Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie

While the bold mix patterns, we keep it simple with our color blocking :)

We always play full contact dunking. #dailytwist